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We call to all Hydraulic and Pneumatic systems as Fluid Power. 

Here, we offer some notes below regarding the historical background of Hydraulic and Pneumatic systems. 

Hydraulic in general is used to express, generating power by pressurized fluids, regarding control and transmission technologies. Etymologically, the word is derived from old Greek Hydro, which means water. From the dawn of history, it is used in order to obtain power from rivers through water mils.

In advance technology the sense of hydraulic has slightly changed and express more desired flow rate and achieve power, control and transmission.

Theoretical and historical foundations of modern hydraulics recognized as ‘Pascal’s Law’ in the middle of the 17th century by the French physicist Pascal. Approximately 100 years later, Swiss physicist Bernoulli found, ‘’Bernoulli’s Equation’’ named his own again, the definition became, as the energy of a fluid flowing through a pipe.  Once again all of these approximately 100 years later (1850) found an application field with British Industrial Revoluation and started to be used on most of industrial applications. 

Today, our sense of understanding, for the first modern hydraulic application, it would be correct to say that it has started to be used in 1906 by the American battleship USS Virginia’s using pressurized oil to direct the gun barrel. Later on, with the result of advance technology level, hydraulic seals begun to develop quickly and in 1926 the first hydraulic power unit manufactured in the USA. All the hydraulic circuit elements began to be used as we know it today, after all the developments followed in 1926 by Hary Vicker’s invention of pilot-operated safety valve, has made significant progress during the World War II, in 1950 Mercier invented hydraulic battery and in 1958 Moog MIT invented electro- hydraulic power valves. 

Hydraulic systems are mainly continue to play a very important role in the machine manufacturing industry due to the system that are; high power density, relatively low power consumption, energy storage capability, precise movement, infinitely soft movement capability, safe against overload, without any impact, capability to hold steady of power and torque and are generally because of being a covered and protected system.

Background of Pneumatic system is a bit more backdated; in 2500 BC, the air gaiter of the mining and metallurgy industry can be expressed as pneumatic first application.

Pneumatic is diverted from Greek word Pneuma, which means wind or breath taking.

As industrial defination, we can express as the branch of industry to provide movement and control system, which works with gas pressure.

The first Pneumatic application started in the middle of 19th century, although the large scaled applications as we understand today started from the middle of 20th century.

In Turkey, until 1960 this sector used to be as a supply of replacement parts and repairs. After the 1970’s started developing as in the production of Hydraulic and Pneumatic Elements and as today the sector is structured as providing a services to large scaled projects with production.



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